ProTubeVR ForceTube Gives VR Weapons a Kick

Source: ProTubeVR

ProTubeVR, a French manufacturer of gun-related VR accessories, has recently introduced the newest addition to its expanding product line, the ForceTube haptic module.

The company claims that the haptic module brings a new level of immersion to first-person shooters by simulating impact kicks and rumbler effects.

“ForceTube simulate the vibration of the firearm and the impact on your shoulder. The effect changes depending on the weapon you are using,” explains ProTubeVR on the official product page. “Its realistic weight, dimensions, and sturdiness make you feel you are holding a real weapon.”

ForceTube is useless on its own because it’s actually an add-on for the MagTube rifle frame. Together, ForceTube and MagTube can accurate simulate the experience of holding and firing all kinds of weapons, from AR-15 style rifles to grenade launchers.

The haptic module is compatible with both Quest and PC VR platforms, and it’s been optimized for several popular VR shooters, including Onward, Pavlov, Sniper Elite, Contractors, and Gun Club VR.

With tax included, ForceTube sells for €298.80. If you already own MagTube, then you can save some money because MagTube sells for €118.80. Both ForceTube and MagTube are available in a discounted bundle for €394.80, so that’s another way to spend less money without having less fun.

ProTubeVR also sells ProVolver, which is a cross-platform haptic gun that delivers a similar experience as ForuceTube while being much more compact and considerably less flexible.

Keep in mind that both ForceTube and ProVolver have yet to start shipping. Deliveries are supposed to start around 2 months from now, and those who come first will be served first.

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