Multiplayer Racing Is Coming to Rec Room with the Rec Rally Update

Rec Room Rec Rally
Source: Rec Room

Christmas will arrive early this year in Rec Room. On September 29th, the Rec Rally update goes live on all supported platforms, introducing multiplayer racing in a brand-new desert environment.

Up to six players will be able to don their VR headsets and take a seat behind the virtual steering wheels of powerful desert buggies. The trailer for the Rec Rally update, with its ample jumps, close overtakes, and numerous item pickups, reminds us of Mario Kart, and we can only hope that it will be just as fun to play.

“Rec Room users can go on a road trip with friends, or grab a paintball gun and hop in the driver’s seat for some vehicle-on-vehicle combat,” explain Rec Room developers in a prepared statement. “Each vehicle supports dual-wielding objects while driving and has fully optimized controls across all platforms, with a clean intuitive feel on touch devices.”

Since its first release in June 2016, the number of Rec Room has been steadily increasing, and it now hovers around 1 million monthly users across Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, iOS, Xbox, and Android.

Besides racing, Rec Room players can spend time in a number of other multiplayer games, including several sports games, first-person shooters, and action-adventure games, among others. Players can also create their own content using in-game tools, which include a node-based visual programming language based on the data flow programming paradigm.

Rec Room players can even earn in-game tokens by putting the items they created up for sale. They can then exchange the tokens they’ve earned for real-life money, allowing them to make their favorite game become a source of income.

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